As a 28-year resident of Elk Grove, I love this City. I’ve raised my family here, my brother is a local small business owner, and my retired parents live here. However, our City needs new leadership and that’s why I am running for Mayor. 

As your Elk Grove School Board Member, I’ve fought for children to succeed in schools and partnered closely with teachers, staff and parents in the decision-making process. Today, test scores are up and we are closing the achievement gap. With my leadership, I’ve guided us through tough financial decisions while putting our students first.  

Elk Grove needs a Mayor to move this city forward, that is a proven leader, with a track record of bringing communities together and treating people with respect. This requires collaborating with the City Council, businesses, public safety, the school district, local nonprofits, and its residents. I bring these skills and knowledge of good governance to the table.

My professional experience includes managing a state association for the hotel industry, Visit California Commissioner, serving in Elk Grove as a Rotarian, and on the boards of the Food Bank and Teen Center have prepared me to be your Mayor. With your vote our local businesses and communities will thrive.

Let’s reclaim our city together! 

Good Governance

Good governance is key to ensure things get gone in the best interest of our community. I have a plan for good governance to restore public trust to the Mayor’s office. We have a Mayor who prefers to stand alone and has alienated his council colleagues and nearly every regional leader and stakeholder. This does not help our city and its residents.

We need a Mayor that collaborates. We need a Mayor that will be a champion for working families and our businesses.

I believe in ensuring transparency and accountability. Through collaboration and stakeholder engagement, Elk Grove will thrive.

The residents of Elk Grove count on the Mayor to maintain the integrity of the city's process for approval for major development projects that will affect their lives on a daily basis. Mr. Ly's decision to accept over $50,000 in campaign contributions from CNU and people affiliated with it, coupled with his lack of responsiveness to their concerns about the proposed hospital, creates the perception that he is not leading with the public's best interest in mind.


As Mayor, I will rebuild the public trust that has been eroded, and ensure that there is genuine stakeholder engagement.

A teaching hospital could create hundreds of jobs and help save lives, but this process needs to be inclusive and transparent. I have already begun the process of bringing the parties together to have an open conversation that includes consideration of all the options.

I will not run from my responsibilities and as Mayor 

I will ensure every resident and business is included in the decision -making process to help create jobs and listen to our community. Good governance means you have a seat at the table, not the largest donor.

Public Safety

Elk Grove has a strong police department that needs continued support and professional development opportunities so that officers have the tools to be successful in doing what they know how to do best. Keeping our community safe must always be a priority. Working collaboratively with Elk Grove Police Department and other public safety groups is one of the important responsibilities for the Mayor.

Training and professional development are key components to enhancing any profession. Improved best practices produce stronger and ethical professionals.

During my eight years with Elk Grove Unified School District, I advocated for training and resources for our School Resource Officers. Proper training and improving guidelines helped us to build trust with our community and law enforcement.

The Chief’s Advisory Board Members are all great citizens from Elk Grove that provide guidance from our diverse community. Their participation enhances trust and confidence.

Strong Business Community

Elk Grove was once a thriving business community. In the last four years, it has come to a standstill. The businesses that have opened in the last four years come from the leadership and labor from past Mayors and City Councils.

We are facing a business gridlock because Elk Grove lacks leadership at the top. When elected representatives work for the betterment of their community, the residents benefit.

The mall project died. The casino project was severely delayed because the Mayor did not champion new jobs and a tourism anchor for Elk Grove. The hospitals are marred in controversy because transparency and stakeholder engagement weren’t championed from the top.

Building a strong business community will be a priority for me. For over 12 years, I have been a strong business advocate at the State Capitol. I have represented the hotel industry statewide and I know first -hand the challenges businesses face. I am a statewide Commissioner for “Visit California”, where we develop marketing strategies to bolster California’s tourism economy which is responsible for millions of jobs throughout the state in hospitality.

I know how to translate a good environment for business into money in the pockets of working families. I will work cooperatively with all to accomplish that in Elk Grove.

Easing Traffic Congestion and Transportation Plan

Since the COVID-19 pandemic crisis hit our city, I have seen many missed opportunities to pro-actively help our residents.

Small businesses are suffering. There has been a lack of leadership guiding the City Council to find solutions that help. What resources are available to tenants? How many businesses will close their door because the Mayor failed to act. Why aren’t we working with restaurants to proactively find solutions to help them? We have thousands of essential workers in need of day care. The Mayor could lead efforts that build bridges with other agencies to find common sense solutions. I have the relationships with the Elk Grove Unified School District, the Cosumnes Community Services District, the City of Sacramento and that is why the super majority of them endorse my candidacy.

As your Mayor, I will help lead the efforts for Economic Recovery to Help Re-Open Elk Grove.

Step One is to reflect on where the Mayor’s office failed the community and learn from this mistakes. Mistakes like sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars in Cares Act funding and not sharing it with struggling businesses. Mistakes like not collaborating with local agencies and updating the community daily on resources and health updates. I have spoke to dozens of small business owners who were left on their own in Elk Grove.

Step Two- Dedicate staff right now to conduct a needs assessment on the amount of jobs lost, the challenges faced by landowners and tenants or homeowners and renters. The Mayor needs to have a full understanding on the impact of COVID-19 on our community. 

Let’s catalog that information and develop a plan to address it.

Step Three- Create an Economic Recovery Taskforce that includes business and labor leaders, non profits, and other stakeholders to develop a plan to Reopen Elk Grove. An economic recovery includes working with our small businesses to find creative ways for adding one new job per business to help boost the local economy. Identify tax incentives and programs to expand the job growth.

I am proudly endorsed by several major labor groups, firefighters, law enforcement and by leaders in our business community like the Sacramento Metro Chamber PAC and the Elk Grove Chamber PAC because they trust me to lead and Re-Open Elk Grove.

I have led on the forefront with business leaders and in education to navigate the challenges with COVID-19.

For hotels, I collaborated with Cal-OES (California Office of Emergency Services), Visit California, Cal-Chamber to help businesses survive. The hospitality industry was the hardest hit with over 70% job loss. Working with the hotel owners, I educated them on the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) to help keep the work force employed, helped secure SBA Loans, provided legal resources, hosted a weekly COVID-19 conference call to provide relevant state and industry updates, and much more.

My brother owns a restaurant. He is barely making ends meet. His staff are not getting the hours and tips since the COVID-19 pandemic shot down our economy. The food bank is stretched beyond capacity. Our friends and neighbors are losing their jobs.

In the School District, I lead the efforts to ensure that student and staff safety remained a priority. We collaborated with the Sacramento County Department of Public Health, our labor groups, and our families to develop safety guidelines. We developed a robust Distance Learning program, and expanded resources to support families and students through these challenges.

As a leader in crisis management, I bring the skills, resources, and network to help our city through the COVID-19 pandemic. I will focus on helping small businesses, protecting job growth, protecting our healthcare, finding solutions for struggling families, and look for partnership opportunities to help Elk Grove survive and thrive.

Economic Recovery Plan (COVID- 19)

1. Elk Grove must become a smart city using technology to help people get from point A to B.
• Install widely-used technology to synchronize traffic lights on main streets across the city.
• Adaptive features allow for real-time adjustments to ease congestions
• Reduces time wasted at red lights, limits air pollution, increases safety
• Implementation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) at major city intersections to help our residents with disabilities.

2. Reduce cut-through traffic to improve residential neighborhoods for families, seniors and everyone.

3. Free public transit for K-12 students to help kids stay in school, assist young people with getting part-time jobs, and provide support for financially struggling families.
• Combats chronic absenteeism
• Helps youth access part-time jobs
• Improves mobility for families with limited resources
• Students currently pay $1.10 per ride, $3 per day, or $50 per month (that’s a lot for
working families, especially with more than one kid).

4. More enforcement of residential speed limits
• More regular deployment of officers as it is done when school starts • Enhanced random monitoring much like the random DUI checks.

5. Extend Light rail into Elk Grove
• Build coalition of local agencies to lobby for federal funds to extend light rail to
southern Elk Grove (CRC satellite campus).
• There is space for the rail and station in the city’s Master Plan.