Singh-Allen defeats Ly, declares victory in historic bid for Elk Grove mayor

Sacramento Bee, November 9, 2020

After mounting a swift campaign late this summer, Bobbie Singh-Allen will be the next mayor of Elk Grove and the first directly-elected Sikh woman to hold the office in the nation.

Singh-Allen declared victory early Monday after receiving a call from Mayor Steve Ly who she defeated after a contentious race, winning 46% of votes cast as Sacramento County election officials continue counting.

Ly, who has held the office since 2016, garnered 34%, according to the most recent figures available, while a third candidate, Brian Pastor, received 18% of the votes. The window for a potential win for Ly did not expand late Friday when the results were last updated...Read more

A different type of mail fraud: The worst political mailers of the 2020 local elections

Sacramento Bee, November 1, 2020

The final week before an election is when the worst of political advertising lands in our mail boxes or on our front steps.

The political mailers are like manipulative telegrams designed to confuse rather than inform. They are meant to appeal to our worst impulses and sometimes, they walk right up to the line of racism or anti-Semitism...Read more

Elk Grove Mayor Using EGPD Chief to Mislead Voters

Over the last few days, disgraced Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, facing the will of the voters is using an old statement by the Elk Grove Police Chief to mislead the public into believing there are no investigations into his pattern of behavior.


The truth is that not only are there open investigations by the EGPD, but most importantly there is a Grand Jury Investigation into the pattern of misbehavior by the Mayor when it comes to misuse of his public office as well as bullying and intimidation of elected officials, all of them women, in which he was directly and indirectly involved.


The EGPD Chief issued a comment to KCRA on 10/18 saying that there is an open investigation by the EGPD. 


Additionally, Sgt. Donna Cox is NOT a member of the EGPD. She is a retired member of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department with no investigative authority over EGPD or Grand Jury cases...Read more

With Steve Ly mired in scandal, Bobbie Singh-Allen is best choice for Elk Grove mayor 

Sacramento Bee Editorial Board, October 12, 2020

Elk Grove voters have an obvious best choice for mayor: Bobbie Singh-Allen.

Incumbent Mayor Steve Ly has two opponents: Singh-Allen, an Elk Grove Unified School District board member and attorney/community activist, and Brian Pastor, a clinical documentation consultant.

Singh-Allen is a member of Elk Grove’s Sikh community. Pastor is an immigrant from the Philippines. All three are reflective of Elk Grove’s culturally diverse community...Read more

Joint Statement by Elk Grove Mayoral Candidates EGUSD Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen and Brian Pastor Regarding Tonight’s Debate

October 6, 2020

Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly is an enthusiastic supporter of a new hospital that will rise 12 stories above the residential communities nestled along Interstate 5. Supporters of the project say it will deliver thousands of jobs.

Supporting California Northstate University’s new 400-bed hospital ...Read more

Joint Statement by Elk Grove Mayoral Candidates EGUSD Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen and Brian Pastor Regarding Tonight’s Debate

September 29,2020

Elk Grove.- Debates are an important tool for democracy to work. It is the opportunity for the voters to hear directly from candidates, or at least it should be.


Tonight there was a small group of people armed with multiple megaphones right outside the debate site in Elk Grove. They made it nearly impossible for both Mr. Pastor and Ms. Singh-Allen to be heard by the public watching at home...Read more

'We have a bully at City Hall.' Elk Grove mayoral candidate shares why she's running

Sacramento Bee, September 20,2020 By Marco Breton

By far, the strangest, most divisive, most troubling local election in the region is the race for mayor of Elk Grove.

The incumbent, Steve Ly, was once known for his inspirational personal story:... Read more

What Others Are Saying

After the shocking news of death threats via facebook messenger to her personal page, EGUSD Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen was joined by longtime former law enforcement leader and Elk Grove Assemblymember Jim Cooper in a press conference outside the Elk Grove Police Department. Media from Elk Grove and the greater Sacramento region attended to cover the news... Read more

Ly’s Lies and Deception in His Own Words

What the community at large heard from Ly.


The story changed when Ly appeared in two separate interviews with Hmong media outlets on August 21 and August 25. Then, he said to:




“The US politics is like this. Even though you are severely accused, you could only let them do it... Read more

All Four Members of the Elk Grove City Council Announce Their Support of Bobbie Singh-Allen for Mayor

Bobbie4mayor News Release, August 27,2020

Elk Grove - In a major vote of confidence for EGUSD Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen, all four members of the Elk Grove City Council have announced their support of her candidacy to become the next Mayor of Elk Grove.


Vice-Mayor Steve Detrick and Council Members Stephanie Nguyen, Pat Hume and Darren Suen all expressed the need for a change and for decisive, responsive and trusted leadership in the mayor’s office... Read more

Firefighters Local 522 issues endorsement in Elk Grove mayoral, District 1 races

Elk Grove News, August 21,2020

Today the Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 issued an endorsement in four local races, including two for the Elk Grove City Council.


Their endorsement includes support for Elk Grove mayoral candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen... Read more

Facing harassment and intimidation claims, does Elk Grove’s mayor need a third term?

Sacramento Bee Editorial Board, August 18,2020

The Elk Grove City Council voted 4-0 last Wednesday to ask the Sacramento County Grand Jury to investigate multiple claims of harassment and intimidation by Ly. Multiple women, including elected officials, have come forth

... Read more

Elk Grove City Council votes to have grand jury investigate Mayor Ly

KCRA, August 13,2020

Elk Grove City Council decided to have a Sacramento County grand jury investigate allegations of political intimidation and harassment by Mayor Steve Ly and his associates.

Council members voted 4-0 on Wednesday night to approve the grand jury investigation... Read more

Elk Grove City Council to ask Sacramento County Grand Jury to investigate allegations against Mayor Steve Ly

Sacramento Bee, August 14,2020

The city of Elk Grove will ask a grand jury to investigate claims of misconduct levied against Mayor Steve Ly, pulling in an independent authority to settle multiple allegations of harassment and... Read more

Elk Grove mayor accused of bullying women who politically oppose him

Elk Grove News, August 13,2020

After hearing close to 75 public speakers who were limited to one rather than the normal three minutes of comment time, the Elk Grove City council decided against censuring Mayor Steve Ly following the requests of several women who have accused him... Read more

Elk Grove council will ask grand jury to investigate accusations of misconduct against mayor

KCRA, August 8, 2020

Women in Elk Grove are coming forward with allegations that Mayor Steve Ly and his associates bullied and intimidated them for years.

"Steve Ly has been making it difficult, to impossible, for women to get involved in public service," said Nancy Chaires Espinoza, a board trustee with the Elk Grove Unified School District.

Chaires Espinoza says she ran for office against Ly six years ago. The harassment began after... Read more

Michelle Kile confirms she'll exit Elk Grove Mayoral race, endorses Singh-Allen

Elk Grove News August 7, 2020

In a statement released late this afternoon, Michelle Kile officially dropped out of the race for Elk Grove Mayor.


The decision, which comes on the last day for eligibility for previously declared candidates to submit nominating papers, ends Kile's quest, which began last September... Read more

Elk Grove mayoral race heats up as EGUSD board trustee & community leader Bobbie Singh-Allen enters mayoral race


Elk Grove Citizen, July 31, 2020

Elk Grove School Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen on July 28 announced her plan to run for mayor of Elk Grove this November.

Singh-Allen is one of five candidates hoping to unseat the incumbent, Mayor Steve Ly, who is seeking his third term. She has served on the Elk Grove Unified School District board as its Area 4 trustee for the past eight years.

Singh-Allen told the Citizen the she was motivated to run for mayor after listening... Read more

Election 2020: Singh-Allen to challenge Ly in mayoral race 

Elk Grove Tribune, July 28, 2020

In a surprise announcement today, Elk Grove USD Board Trustee, Bobbie Singh-Allen, declared her candidacy for mayor of Elk Grove.

“Enough is Enough”, Singh-Allen said in a statement released on social media. “Today, I am announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Elk Grove.”

Voters elected Singh-Allen to the Elk Grove United School District Board in 2014. She served as EGUSD’s Board President from 2014 – 2016. Her resume includes previous leadership role... Read more

Bobbie Singh-Allen announces bid for Elk Grove mayor, challenging embattled incumbent

Sacramento Bee, July 28, 2020

Bobbie Singh-Allen, a longtime Elk Grove school board member, will challenge Steve Ly for the city’s mayoral position in November, saying alleged harassment toward her and other women “fueled my fire” to run against the incumbent mayor

Singh-Allen announced her decision... Read more

Bobbie Singh-Allen joins race to challenge Steve Ly for Elk Grove Mayor

 Elk Grove News, July 28, 2020

In a conversation with Elk Grove News and by her formal announcement this morning, Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen declared her candidacy for Elk Grove Mayor challenging Steve Ly in the November general election... Read more