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Affordable Housing

Elk Grove needs more affordable housing.

The State and SACOG estimate that Elk Grove needs 4,265 new affordable housing units between 2021 and 2029. Over 1,300 affordable units are planned or under construction. There are 107 affordable units are under construction. In the next six months, 672 affordable units will go to construction. We have 142 affordable units that are approved (construction status not known) and 380+ affordable units are in various stages of planning. Additionally, staff is working on design for three city owned sites that will accommodate a minimum of 397 affordable units.

In zoning sites for apartments (high-density residential or HDR), the city made an effort to ensure sites were spread throughout the city and integrated into neighborhoods. We offer developers many choices for locations in new and established neighborhoods and nearby amenities like parks and shopping. Majority of HDR sites are located in areas designated as high or highest opportunity areas. In the last two years alone, the city has allocated more than $14 million in long-term loan funding for three affordable housing projects. Elk Grove continues to provide support for affordable housing projects in processing approvals and securing funding. We look for properties that could be strategically acquired to provide high-quality affordable housing. Elk Grove will work toward development of three city owned sites as affordable housing.

Elk Grove also needs affordable homeownership opportunities for entry level homes. Our working families should be able to live in the communities they serve. I will continue to advocate and work with staff and homebuilders to create pathways for homeownership.

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