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Transportation and Traffic Congestion

We have reduced traffic congestion and improved on our transportation goals by widening roads, stepping up repairs, and reducing cut through traffic in residential areas. Elk Grove has greater bike and pedestrian access, free transit rides for K-12 students, and has secured plans for a commuter rail stop connecting Elk Grove to Sacramento, including the airport, the Valley and the Bay Area by 2024.

Plans are underway to add Light Rail service to Elk Grove and better connect us to the region. I continue to meet with SacRT to ensure Elk Grove is a priority for funding the expansion to our city.

I have worked with federal, state and regional partners to improve traffic safety and livability with new trails, streetscaping, and a critical guardrail on Elk Grove Blvd. and I-5 offramp.

Work continues to expand our traffic communication network and increase bandwith to improve signal synchronization and traffic operation and reduce congestion.

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