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Elk Grove has one of the lowest homelessness rates in the county and region. Addressing homelessness requires a multi-pronged solution approach.

The City Council passed an anti-camping ordinance that bans homeless people from camping near schools, day care centers, playgrounds and youth centers as a matter of public safety. The ordinance also prohibits camps of four or more people. While we have measures for enforcement, it is not a solution.

One of the solutions to homelessness is to build more housing. Most of the City’s efforts have been focused on creating new affordable housing opportunities. The City has worked with developers of recent affordable housing projects to commit to addressing homelessness by providing unit set-asides or direct pathways to entry for people experiencing homelessness.

The City has invested in three transitional homes for families and single adults, as well as supported transitional housing for young adults and victims of domestic violence. We have done this through partnerships with Elk Grove HART. The City also offers motel vouchers to vulnerable people and households to get them off the streets.

During the cold winter months, the city partnered with faith-based organizations and launched OWL- overnight warming locations.

Every city must do its share including Elk Grove. Affordable housing is just one of the many root causes for homelessness. We hope to partner more with the County and connect more people with much- needed mental health and substance abuse treatment resources.

On the ballot, Measure E will provide additional funding towards addressing homelessness should the residents support the one cent sales tax. Measure E will also support funding for rapid 9-1-1, fire, police, medical emergency/ disaster responses; and to keep public areas safe and clean.

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