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Enough Is Enough

I have had a front row seat to Steve Ly’s bullying, harassment, and intimidation. He has come after private citizens, community leaders, and elected women. The community is rallying together to say enough is enough to Steve Ly and his failed leadership.


I am running for Mayor of Elk Grove. 


When I first joined the school board eight years ago, my son was being bullied. As a parent, I felt that my school failed me, my son, and the child who lashed out physically at my son repeatedly. So I decided to step up to do my part from preventing another child from going through that.


Eight years later, we have a bully at City Hall and I am heeding the call to step up and lead the effort to take back our city and put an end to threats, intimidation and harassment. It is time to reclaim City Hall and restore good governance, humility, and respect to public service.


I have been on the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees for the last eight years. I am a statewide Commissioner for Visit California.  I served on the Elk Grove Food Bank Board of Directors. I served on the Elk Grove Teen Center Board of Directors. I was an active member of Laguna Sunrise Rotary. I have been committed to this community since 1992. I raised my children in Elk Grove. My brother is a small business owner here and my parents are retired and live in this community.


I moved to this great country when I was four years old from India. My parents, like all immigrants, wanted a better life for their children. We are a living testament to the American Dream. 


Like you, I want great schools, parks, businesses, public safety, jobs, and a sense of community in Elk Grove. My campaign will focus on uniting Elk Grove. It will focus on being honest and on reflecting the values of all those from different parts of our community.


I was not planning to run. This movement was never about me. But I must answer the call to serve. Election day is on November 3rd. We will have many conversations and I hope I can count on your support and your vote.


#Integrity4AChange #Bobbie4Mayor

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