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Elk Grove Mayor Using EGPD Chief to Mislead Voters

Over the last few days, disgraced Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, facing the will of the voters is using an old statement by the Elk Grove Police Chief to mislead the public into believing there are no investigations into his pattern of behavior.


The truth is that not only are there open investigations by the EGPD, but most importantly there is a Grand Jury Investigation into the pattern of misbehavior by the Mayor when it comes to misuse of his public office as well as bullying and intimidation of elected officials, all of them women, in which he was directly and indirectly involved.


The EGPD Chief issued a comment to KCRA on 10/18 saying that there is an open investigation by the EGPD. 


Additionally, Sgt. Donna Cox is NOT a member of the EGPD. She is a retired member of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department with no investigative authority over EGPD or Grand Jury cases.


It is also worth remembering that Mr. Ly did issued a public statement that he shared with his colleagues in the council and with the press saying that he believes the women.


Mr. Ly which one is it? Do you believe the women or not?

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