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Michelle Kile confirms she'll exit Elk Grove Mayoral race, endorses Singh-Allen

In a statement released late this afternoon, Michelle Kile officially dropped out of the race for Elk Grove Mayor.


The decision, which comes on the last day for eligibility for previously declared candidates to submit nominating papers, ends Kile's quest, which began last September. Until the late July entry of Bobbie Singh-Allen, Kile was the only women candidate challenging two-term incumbent Steve Ly. 


Along with announcing her exit, Kile is urging her supporters to vote for Singh-Allen in the November election. Although Kile had not sought campaign contributions, she was active on social media since announcing her candidacy last year.


“I believe that she can be a trusted leader that would listen to the community and take our concerns to heart," Kile said. "I think she is going to move us forward in a direction we need to go." 


With Kile's exit, the race is viewed as a two-way race between Singh-Allen, who is an Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustee, and Ly, who was first elected to the Elk Grove City Council in 2014. Singh-Allen and Ly served for two years together, starting in 2012 on the school board following Ly's election and Singh-Allen's appointment.


"I am honored that Michelle has endorsed my candidacy for Mayor," Singh-Allen said. "I’m glad I have her standing by my side as we bring our community together and restore integrity, honesty, transparency, and good governance to the Mayor’s office.” 


Had Kile submitted her nominating papers and dropped out of the race after today, her name would have still appeared on the ballot. In 2016 Vincent Neuburger filed his nominating papers for the Elk Grove City Council District 3 but dropped his challenge of incumbent Steve Detrick.


Neuburger subsequently lent his support to fellow Democrat Maureen Craft. Although he campaigned on Craft's behalf, his name appeared on the ballot and siphoned votes that may have gone to Craft, who lost her bid to oust Detrick.


As of  5 p.m. today, along with Ly and Singh-Allen, there is only one other candidate, Brian Pastor, who has submitted their nomination papers to qualify for the November ballot. Former Cosumnes [Elk Grove] Community Services District Director Pat Perez drew candidate papers last week but announced he would not enter the contest.

Another candidate who drew papers this week but who decided against running was Dane San Pedro-Newsan, who has also endorsed Singh-Allen.

"I'm supporting Bobbie because I've seen her engaging with the Filipino and API community and she is a passional advocate for the small businesses and the arts," San Pedro-Newsan said. 

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